10 Events That Defined the Victorian Era – Victoria 3 DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on the Victoria Era continues with a video on the events that defined this age, as we, supported by Paradox Interactive and Victoria 3, talk about First Opium War 1839-1842, Mines Act of 1842, Revolutions of 1848, Unification of Italy and Germany 1848-1871, Crimean War 1854-1856, American Civil war 1861-1865, Germ Theory 1861, Meiji Restoration 1868, Opening of the Transpacific railway and Suez Canal 1869, Great Eastern Crisis 1875-1878, and more!

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How the World Betrayed Ethiopia:
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Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan – Operation Storm-333:
How the USSR Lost the Afghan War – Panjshir Valley Battles:
How the German Empire Provoked Ottoman Jihad in WWI:
Did Alliances lead to the Great War?:
Gallipoli 1915:

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Illustrations: Vadym Berkutenko and Vyacheslav Sheo
Animation: Michael Merc, Kate Korolko
Map animation: Michael Merc, Alexander Yakovenko
Script: Georgi Kolev (
Narration: Officially Devin (

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  1. 4:53 "despite these horrible conditions"
    No, not really despite them, but precisely because of them. These horrible conditions in cities and industries were an immense improvement over the subsistence agricultural life of the centuries prior. The world's population was stable or very mildly increasing for thousands of years until the industrial revolution which enable a sharp increase in population for the next 200 years or so.

  2. Both sides of the Japanese war used modern weapons up until the rebels ran out of supplies. This is a major point constantly skipped by the modern telling of the war thanks to films like the last samurai.

  3. Thank you for to let us learn about the 19th century! Usually we have a very focused on our own nation view on history. But this is unthinkable without the greater developments in the world. The 19th century is not so far away. Thanks to this series I can better understand what view of the world my grand parents must have had. They were born at the end of the 19th resp. the beginning of the 20th century and one of them still involved in World War l. What they had learned in school and what they were told by their parents just was this what the English speakers call the "Victorian age". Now we can imagine how it was possible that they had stumbled into the first world war and this may become the seeds of fascism and totalitarism in Europe. World War ll then became the result of revanchism and tremendous diplomatic failures(almost deliberately).

  4. C'mon the CSA was not defeated by a big bad union with an insurmountable industry. They lost battles which they had a chance to win on the battlefield. Ultimately they lost because they were not as well led as the union.

  5. 6:15 The Dutch monarchy which was ‘absolute’ became constitutional and the country became more democratic because our Royal House was afraid their heads would be on the chopping block after they saw what happened in other European stated in 1848. So it did achieve relative change in our government system as well despite no major revolution in the Netherlands.

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