#120 Hunting blind, answering viewer questions!

I’ve had a lot of viewers ask me about my shooting house hunting blind. I thought I would show it off again and answer some of those questions.

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  1. Great video! So your door is the paneling with 1×4 around the outside to trim it out and make it more rigid. Then you attached a piece of plywood on the inside to make the door sit in the opening a little better?

  2. Some cheap insulation and an inner wall material would greatly cut down on the sound. I'd probably go as far as to insulate and close in the bottom side of the floor. That plus some sound dampening carpet and you should have that thing quiet as a church mouse.

  3. It’s hard to critique perfection. But I do have one suggestion. Get rid of the carpet on your step. Put grip tape on your steps. They will eventually mildew from not getting enough sunlight and are very slippery when wet. And find you an old piece of metal grate to clean your boots off on.

  4. Very well built blind sir that will last for years to come my dad built a shoot house very similar to that one and we hunted in it for atleast 18 years before we had to replace anything and the only thing we had to replace then was the stairs and door but the way you did your stairs I think you’ll be in good shape for a long time.

  5. Searched for videos for a permanent stand and ran across your videos.. I love the shooting bench and your idea with the stairs. I subscribed and will be trying my hand at your handiwork thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Hey sir… You might want to paint the insides of your storm shutters with the green! Standing ground level in the field, with the shutters open, look up… They must stick out like a sore thumb, go out and take a peek.. you do nice work

  7. I'm new to your channel but I am really enjoying it. I have several projects going on that and I have learned a lot from your videos. Can you explain how you did the rafters for the roof as well as how you installed the plywood ceiling on the interior. Thanks Again!

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