$13,590 for the Low Income – Very Important Details

$13,590 for the low income, very important details
In this video, we are discussing $13,590 each every year for the low income. This is very important understand and this also does include Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA and other low income and fixed income beneficiaries. This also includes seniors, elderly, people with disabilities, and any buddy who is may be low income or fixed income. We are always watching everything closely in regards to Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, low income, no income, Seniors, elderly, people with disabilities, and anybody who may need additional benefits or living on a fixed income. we are discussing all the details and why this is very important to understand as $13,590 in 2022 for the low income is a very important number to understand. We discuss all the details in this video and we also discussed the federal poverty line, how that relates to this number and how the federal poverty line or federal poverty guideline also indicates the eligibility for multiple different benefits.
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  1. Hi Matt, I am more confused than ever! I don't know if I am being screwed by the US government or who knows who????? If you get a small pension, like under 50 dollars per month, what would that mean for me…if I get 1,222.00 per month? Is your pension included in this? ???????

  2. The point is they keep saying it but hasn’t done anything for us people on ssi ss ssdi vets but the are always helping people with kids so they get pay checks child support and other checks so they are getting a lot of help but the people who need it like us they just keep talking about it but no help

  3. I've been listening to too many of these for too long! Your the only one to benefit from any of this site. You get paid by gifts etc. From these needy people! All promises for a year and not a thing comes through. Too many of these videos are causing people to misunderstand. People are thinking were getting double checks this month because of your have thousands of people so hurt and confused. Your building everyone's hopes for nothing. But when you put another video up you get money from the same ppl needing money themselves. Why are they afraid to say it ?

  4. Where never going to see anything unless we lie or cheat the system I don't have a number but I have been told over the years that there are people out there that lie to the government all the time I don't know the number on this but if they investigated when people suspect fraud but as far a I know that has never happened

  5. The government is not going to help anyone, please, we need to rely upon God the most high creator,🙏🙏 If you have a personal connection with God the Most high creator 🙏 you will not perish, God will not forsake his people..congress& the Senate & congress do not care about poor people, they do not listen to God, the heavenly father, he is going to destroy them all..

  6. It's really hard to support a government and I will not support the government because they don't support us so why should we support them we've been supporting them all our lives if everybody in the US just quit working they wouldn't have a government to run or a country see how they like that

  7. Not close!! 1,060 a month!! Barely pay bills. Grateful for food stamps..or would not be eating. Our govt. will waste funds on military failed equipment so Thier pals are living large,while we get ripped off. Vote blue n hope repubs die off.

  8. I do wish he would tell us if we are going to get something. He seems to just talk about what things may be not what we are going to get.pleasr tell us if we will get something not may get something you just talk about our incomes.

  9. Huh!! SSI attempted, and did, take 1 third of my income in Feb. I got a lawyer, and received the money back in April. I'm one of the lucky ones!! If..Matt is right, if, the raise comes through, we will barely still be having our heads above water inflation is rising really fast and it's Republican generated what they've done at the ports of Laredo and in Texas is criminal study it vote blue

  10. $300 per month extra would change my life dramatically. I would be able to own a vehicle and have a part time job to actually help myself even more and rid myself of the depression and suffering caused from my income level on SSI and barely surviving daily as a Widow with PTSD and Anxiety. I'm not 50 years old yet,, so I can not get my deceased husband's Social Security Benefits/Survivers. Some of us need help so that we can help ourselves and our families live better, happier lives because of less stressful and depressed lives. It would cause many people to be healthier, in a ton of ways.
    Thank you Matt for all that you and your wife do for us out here. I would be completely clueless about any of this if it weren't for y'all. God Bless Y'all 🙏💐


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