20 Deer Treestand Setup Rule

How hidden your stand locations and deer blinds are, is critical to your entire hunt. A deer stand that does not allow you to get in an and out of the stand without spooking deer has to be changed – there can be no exception! The 20 deer test is simple: Can you get in and out of the stand without spooking 20 deer on the food plot that you are near? If not, you need to make significant changes to the location of the deer blind, the entrance to the blind, screening or the to the size of the food plot. Here is why and how to make sure that your treestands and deer blinds pass the test!

To make sure that your entire parcel passes the test, make sure to check out my web class, “How To Design Your Deer Parcel” at

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I like to use reverse psychology on the deer. Paint the deer box stand florescent orange with bright flags and a solar powered boom box playing rap. The deer see and hear it and say “There ain’t no way that’s a deer hunter”. They not that stupid”. And they keep on coming in closer.

  2. This guy is a hunting legend I love this guy very smart very educated I love proving guy that's been hunting for 20 years and me only five yrs but I can't get a 180" big boys to come to my plot and I don't hunt it and when I do the wind is always right

  3. Biggest problem with your videos most of us watching to learn from you dont see 20 deer in a season and work off of very small plits of land we have heard enough of 40 80 up to 400 acres we have heard all that multiple times and also you only talk about northern states us southern folk would love a video because after watching all your videos i really dont think you could help me in my 12 acre feild or my 19 acre planted pines across the street please help us regular hunting folk

  4. I’m putting a stand up probably Monday morning on my plot deer are done checking it out the clover is probably 1/4-1/2 inch tall now. I’m trying to figure out where this year went. It don’t seem time for deer season here. It opens next Saturday I can’t wait. Be safe and GOD BLESS y’all Amen 🙏

  5. Am I the only one that loves the new place but also misses coon valley?! We have grown to know those spots and the scrapes so well over the years and I miss seeing what’s going on over there on those cams and plots.

  6. U SIR ARE ON TOP OF UR GAME / U Know More About THE ELUSIVE WHITETAIL That Most People ever Consider / I’m GONA KILL A GIANT Becuase U SIR Have Made ME A Better Hunter 🔪🇺🇸🔥💨

  7. Jeff do you think there is a cut off date for when you should stop doing land/stand improvements before the season? I’m shooting for end of September to be finished but wanted to know your thoughts.

  8. I hang onto every word this guy says, why because he now's what he's talking about.
    Possibly there are others I'm sure that are very good also , but then I look at presentation, values.always brings me back to what I think is the one that works for me.jeff these last few vids really are great.bless you!

  9. Great looking setup brother. Enjoy the content day after day. I have watched your food plot videos religiously this time lol. Thanks again. Trying to get started into the same field of work as you myself.

  10. Thanks Jeff. I have seen people over a thousand yards away, with a homemade white box stands sticking out like a sore thumb. On top of that every window is open and I can see every time they move. They are on great property I used to hunt before they bought it but they ruined if in favor of comfort. It borders public land and sad to say they diminished that part of it also.

  11. I also am a huge vikings fan and a fan of whoever is playing the packers! On the subject of switchgrass not sure if any of mine germinated but a for sure sign will be after the frost? Also a heads up Jeff I am up in the N.W. corner of winona county and the last few days am getting pictures of a black bear……what next…

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