32' UNDERGROUND Blind – (Pit Tour, Ice Eater Review, and MORE)

In today’s video, we show you the construction and our first hunt out of our new pit. If you all have questions on the construction comments you can dm me on my Instagram (link below) or post a comment. Thanks for watching!

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Take it from someone that has been guiding out of pits for 35 years here on MD's eastern shore.
    Ditch the flip lids. birds flare and gain 10 yds before you can get the 1st shot off.
    turn them in to fold down lids for when you arent hunting the pit or to keep the holes not being shot closed up. when you are hunting use bundles of switchgrass ziptied around small pieces of cane. make a small hole where your gun barrel goes up and out of when you stand and the bundles fall away. The simpler systems work the best. you can put wire or small bungee across the back of each shooting hole to keep the bundles in place when you aren't hunting

  2. Looks good. We usually tar the outside of the pit to help with moisture. Slider lids are the best design we've came up with. Easier to keep stubble/snow on the lids and less effort to open.

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