#45 Recycled Pallet Wood Deer Blind

Me and my buddy scoped out a good location for a deer blind on the property. We built this entire blind for free out of repurposed pallets. I hope this can be an idea starter for you to build your own deer blinds

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I would have used camouflage Fabric on the outside first. Then used branches tucked in between top like an envelope at the bottom adding leaves. And I would bring out different chairs to see what will work as the best for shooting. Because you can end up building it to high. These are just suggestions. Been building bushcraft blinds since I was younger with my Grandparents.

  2. $100.oo plastic ones have a roof to keep your butt dry in bad weather , they set up in 5 minutes, they're light weight, portable, if you don't find a lucky spot on the first try you just move it and there's no chance your buddy will lose an arm in a chaIn saw accident.

  3. Put a roof on that and you can raise some kind of livestock, grow your own meat, maybe chipmunks! Do you think the buck will notice that wasn’t there a week ago.or hoping he has other things on his mind, chasing that female can make ya do things you wouldn’t normally do.haha, good luck hope it works for ya. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looking good! I'm definitely going to consider this. Sharing this video with my buddies right now. You could always get some of that camo burlap fabric to drape around it too. Well done guys

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