4×6 Elevated Box Stand

I used free plans from and modified them a bit for the roof.


Will update when I get home and find my receipts

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Awesome video man, a good and fast start to finish. The only thing I’d suggest is next time before you paint OSB make sure you prime it first. The wood will absorb the moisture from the paint and it could delaminate it, not to mention the wear and tear from being outdoors. I’d recommend a good alkyd primer or a house wrap to act as moisture barrier!

  2. I am building one in a few weeks for next season. Is 4×6 big enough for 2 people to be in the stand with office chairs or would it be best to build it a little bigger than 4×6 to accommodate 2 people? Thanks

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