#89 DIY Elevated Deer Blind Simple Strong Cheap

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. why not use shingles? im thinking quieter i have shingles just not sure if itl'l make it too top heavy started thinking about strong winds and tipping not sure if it should be a concern or not

  2. Years ago, one of my first jobs was working at a hat factory here in Southeastern Kentucky where I live. My boss who owned the company had contracts with Subway, Little Caesars, McDonald's, and all kinds of smaller companies to make their company hats with their company logos on them. The company building was three stories. The top story was the sewing department where the hats were put together and finished, the middle floor was the material floor where we had a small warehouse full of rolls of all kinds of different material to make the hats out of. On this main floor we also had this big press machine that would press dies into stacks of material 5 in thick that would cut out all the different shapes of the pieces of the hats. Down in the basement was the monogramming room, which was basically this giant machine that had 12 sewing heads on it, which was connected to a computer and they would load programs into the computer of the company's logo and then those twelve heads would stitch the company's logo into 12 hats at a time, super fast. About a year after I stopped working there the building caught on fire and half of it collapsed into the basement. I went there to see my old boss who informed me that everything was a total loss and it would be written up on his insurance. There were some rolls of material left the didn't take much if any damage and one of them was a big role of mossy oak mesh which we used on mesh back hats. He told me I could have it when I asked and the first thing that came to my mind was deer blind. This stuff made the best deer blind I've ever seen. I would find a spot that had three or four trees spread about five to seven feet apart from one another, and then I would tack three or four panels measured out to the right size to each tree making a box. I would then brush out all the leaves down to the bare dirt so I could be in there and not make any noise. Then, because the material was mesh, I would stick all kinds of twigs and leaves and stuff into the holes, and when I was done it just looked like a big clump of nature. A big pile of leaves and twigs and trees. I would love to have another big roll of that stuff.

  3. Thanks for the video. I'm working on building 1 right now and I'm using elevator brackets with 12' 4×4's. I've been wondering how I was going to stand it up. I'm leaving the deck boards off as well.

  4. Ya'll do the best build and video I have seen so far. I built 5 stands from your video and I built one for a guy that I built a elevator on. I used I-Beams for guides and he loves it.

  5. Waste of material on the actual 6×6 box. Could use firing strips for corners and frame. In a wall that size to have a small window leaves huge blind spots in all the corners. I’ve built several of these and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it right. Cooking steaks on watch and heating with propane????
    More deer must walk past laughing at these guys while their sleeping!!!

  6. you cant kill them olde ford tractors i got the same one and right now its under a pile of snow and it still starts first push of the ignition starts everytime no matter what and its like a 1942-46 i think but same color same sound love it and your videos cant wait to make my 6×6 deer stand this summer

  7. Putting the cross members in before raising it would have been easier and less apt to damage legs with less stress on 4×4's raising the stand up. Nice to see it done without doing that, but the 4×4's could split when raising like that.

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