8×8, 1000 LB, 14 FT Tower Deer Stand Raising

Raising of a 14 ft (at base), 1000# tower deer stand, pulled up via the use of a gin-pole & Chevy 4×4 Suburban, utilizing E-Z Tower brackets.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Goes to show ya that you don't need a degree from MIT for engineering. Just common sense & manpower. Well done guys and good thinking on the 4-wheeler anchor.

  2. I see you said it was 14ft 4x4s, but what is the distance between the 4x4s on the ground level.  I am planning on building an 8×8 with the EZ brackets, but with the angled offset (I think it is 7 degrees) I am not sure what the foot print would be at that height.

  3. Just a suggestion for anyone trying this. Be sure to have REALLY strong stakes to prevent the legs from dragging. One of mine broke at 2 feet off the ground and the blind hit the ground sideways, luckily no major damage. Notice in this video how the one stake almost gave out , if it would have, it would have come crashing down. This method works but not with a come along if your blind is anything like this one. Good luck everyone and BE CAREFUL!! Thanks for posting

  4. A few more questions. I'm doing mine this weekend. Did you set the 4×4 post on concrete pads? Have you had any rot issues? How long has it been out there?

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