9 Minute "Portable" 5-Man Duck Blind

This “Stealth” duck blind takes less than 9 minutes to set up. Fits completely in the back of my jeep with plenty of room left over for dog & decoys.

7′ T-posts (4) for the back
6′ T-posts (4) for the front
Camo netting (2) One for front & one for back order from
Raffie grass hanks (6) order from (The hanks I used came in three colors. I’d grab a handfull and zip tie securly to the top of netting around the rope. I would also tie off a third of this same hank about half way down on netting to keep from the wind blowing it all over the place.) Any other holes that you see in front can be covered with smaller bunches of raffia. Be sure to cover entire back at least the upper 1/4th so your profile and movement is not easily picked out.)
Zip ties (S-ton) from Home Depot
25′ rope (2) I zip tied it to the top of the netting for added strength as it is draped acroos T-posts.
Tent stakes (6 or 8) to secure the bottom of the netting and pull it out so as not to sag.

Set up:
Back-roll out the netting/grass and set your 7′ posts on the ground one foot from each end and then two additional post that split the distance between the outsides.

Front-lay the 6′ posts overlapping the 7’s by 2′. (This ensures the proper clearence between front and back when blind is set.)

Using a sledge hammer drive the 7′ in at a 45 degrees. The top of the post should come up to your chin when you stand next to it.

Now pick up and drive the 6’s in at the same 45ish degrees for the front of the blind.

Secure the netting to the top of the T-posts making sure to pull tight between posts to limit any flapping in the wind.

Excess rope on ends can be tied together between front and back providing more stability.

Tent stakes driven at bottom of netting periodically to keep taught.

Once this is completed you can gather local grass and brush to place around the bottom of blind. The brush really helps with the 3-D effect.

Be sure to have face paint or masks on for best results.

Good luck!

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Can you advise how much Raffia grass you used for each side? I am looking to purchase and am uncertain on the amount to purchase. Also, what colors did you find most effective. I am assuming each side of your blinds are 20' camo netting?

  2. Love the idea man! im working on outfitting a frame pack to carry all my waterfowl gear and i might try to make a version of this for our walk in goose hunts. Ill be sure to credit you for the idea so thanks for the posting up the video! very helpful

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am going Duck/Goose hunting in the middle of December and I'll let you know how well it works.
    I will be using bamboo post and Red rock ghillie blind camo netting.

  4. We did something like this but used poplar post instead to save weight. Packing a mile with that many tpost sucks. Just a thought because you are usually setting up in mud or wet ground anyway. So tpost are a bit much

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