A cleanse won't detox your body — but here's what will | Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

Put down the cayenne-lemon water and step away from the herbal tea. Cleanses and detox products like these don’t remove toxins, says Dr. Jen Gunter, and some of them may even be hurting your health. Learn how your body rids itself of harmful substances and what you can do to keep this system running smoothly.

Think you know how your body works? Think again! Dr. Jen Gunter is here to shake up everything you thought you knew — from how much water you need to drink to how often you need to poop and everything in between. This TED original series will tell you the truth about what’s *really* going on inside you.

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  1. It’s ok to self care and cleanse its a step in the right direction, you will learn about your health and hopefully watch more YouTube videos on your health. They’re aren’t a magic bullet but people need change and knocking it seems kinda lame too.

  2. Sorry lady. Medicine comes from nature turned into chemical dupes for money making. I did the Hulda Clark cleanse to help digestive system because I have been suffering from my liver since ever. Instead of finding the cause they removed my gallbladder and still was suffering. Yes the liver can do more than 500 hundred functions but only if it is healthy. Imperfection makes us get sick therefore if your liver doesn’t work it can’t detox our body. It needs help. In my case that cleanse not only help with my digestion it also rid of my hot flashes. It was the first thing I noticed since I was suffering from those every day. Therefore in my own experience a cleanse was necessary and helpful. But you all do your research. And just in case before all of it I was eating healthy and exercising for years but nothing was helping with those issues until I did the cleanse which is horrible and I did not wanted to do and said will never do again. After the results I might do it again if symptoms return. Good health to all ! 😊

  3. 🧐🧐🧐A cleanse could mean anything.(a nebules term) Of course some things work, others don't. Ted talks have long since under gone a corporate / propaganda revolution.

  4. she not right and she not really wrong i think. problem is people think a cleanse will reverse health issues and concerns. when alot of the time its longterm use of certain nutrients and abstinence of other harmful substances. wuick fix idea is a problem ya. but this is in my limited understanding of trying to understand how to address my liver disease. but ya its longterm life choices

  5. get the vacc 🙄 ciao. I read studies fasting good medics and drugs bad. she even.said that.
    yeah your drugs are also not well regulated enough.
    where do you get your special stuff from in the drugs ?
    extracted or chemichaly produced herbal natural ingridients.
    we found them in.nature like aspirin, now we sell them expensive and pure form for big money mamon

  6. This video was pointless. Tells us that "cleanses" aren't as beneficial as one may think they are and then talks about a single drink that is sometimes used as 1 of 1,000,000 different types of cleanses used. Then it tells us to do very basic stuff that everyone already knows they're supposedto do. Then the video goes from the efficacy of cleanses for the overall health of thd body to specifically the liver and how it operates and what is good for liver function. But that is basically don't drink too much, and make sure to read medication labels and be wary of supplements? In summary, unless I'm missing something here, this video is totally pointless.

  7. Toxin Rid is a scam. I got the 10 day program and followed it to a t. I had not smoked for 60 days before I started the Toxic Rid. I drank 150oz water daily and did the diet as directed. I paid $200. the day after I completed the program, I used 3 different home tests and was positive. I went to a lab and paid $60 for a urinalysis and it resulted 230 PPM for THC. After a review of the company, I discovered dozens of BBB complaints claiming the same. I send the lab documentation in an attempt to get a refund and it was denied with no explanation. This does not work. My smoking history was I had smoked a delta 8 pen 10 puffs daily for a period of 120 days. Buyer beware. Toxic Rid is a scam.

  8. So Ms Lady…thank you for the presentation. You will have people who will strictly trust doctors and follow their protocol. You will have those who will do research and vetting for medication and supplements for their liver health and there will be some who are strictly health conscious and will be in tuned with the body and eating a well balanced diet.
    Big Pharma would loveeeeee you if they don't already. But big pharma hates to hear that you can heal your body with a fast or detox system that is natural. You know it an anyyyyyybody with half a brain should no it. Before there was a social media and a Tedx there were people who where called the medicine man or witch doctor who people lied on and made a mockery because they took what was giving to us for thousands of years to heal the body because they truly had to live by let food be thy medicine.
    However I don't even know why I even wasted my time to right this. Key thing is be careful of the hype, study and research supplements and medicine and please note, Liver and Cayenne Pepper is awesome for the liver.

  9. People can have bacteria, yeast and fungi floating around in their bloodstream.

    Whenever someone says that detoxing doesn't work, I wonder if they are focused on just the fads that don't work, or if they actually don't know or are ignoring how eating cleaner can remove unwanted toxins in your blood.

  10. There is such a thing as detoxing your gut. Yes, eat healthy and take care of yourself, of course, but, I've listened to drs that say your can make your liver healthier by consuming different things etc..

  11. Best is dont consume "too much" alcohol. Alcohol is bad even in small quantities. And then talking about vaccines. Youre probably WHO owned. Always breaking down the natural remedies. While your drugs and vaccines are leaving people chronically sick and keeping them on the drugs to make money

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