Aiedee`s Public Awareness Ministries.
Community development and orientation for the new generation, through general knowledge, special personal experience, public issues and evangelism.

Brother Aiedee (Preacher) The preacher with testimony.

Practical gospel for self awareness, emotional healings and spiritual growth.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: The awareness ministry
For informative, educative and transformative videos.

WHATSAPP: +34 632 146 847

For invitation, information and participation.

For someone to talk to (Confidential talks on personal issues) for new ideas and opinios that work. And for someone to pray with (Joint prayers on a personal issues) an agreement prayers that work. Leave a whatsapp message for an appointment on phone.

For donation/free will offering by choice, to support The Awareness Ministries. Leave a whatsapp text or voice message for a bank account details/number.


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  1. KUMUSTA PO po nagpapaangat po ako ng tyannel try mo dumalo sa laybstrem ko tuwing 1:00pm(pinas time) monday -friday at 7:00pm tuwing saturday at makakakuha k ng 30-60sabs araw araw. sabihin lang invited by ilocana para mapriority ka. or pm mo ako sa Fb ko CHERALDYN MORLA IBUS para ma add kita sa gc ko message mo invited by ilocana sa akin po. arat na! libre lang po ito. wla pong babayarannnnjnmnnn

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