A Weekend Warrior 4×4 Post Dock Project #dock #4x4postdriver #4x4postprojects #4x4postIdeas

Learn how to build a dock with the proper hardware for the job. Add braces, bumpers, cleats and ladders to your 4×4 post dock.×4-post-dock-hardware/
Seth Merriam Demonstrates how to install posts for a dock with a technique called water jetting and much more. How to build natural looking wood docks with cedar decking. You can get the 4×4 post hardware here×4-post-dock-hardware/

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  1. I was curious why you take the sections off to the shore for winter if they are sitting above the water. When you take the sections to shore I’m assuming you are leaving the posts in the water and that is what is going to take the damage/move around from the ice. Just wondering because I’m from Canada and our lake freezes over with thick ice and everyone with permanent dock just have to deal with adjust their docks in spring every few years.

  2. what keeps the 4×4 post from settling and sinking? Im building an extension off my bridge that crosses my creek and this is my biggest concern is settling and the New Deck being off over time.

  3. Great video. I'm looking into building one. I'm just worried about rough water. I'm on the south side of the lake and when that north wind blows it gets pretty rough. Do you think it would be ok.

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