WATCH THIS EPISODE! Jim & the gang show you the basics of Layout boat hunting and in the process are SWARMED by goldeneyes in an incredible hunt. Nothing in duck hunting has ever been filmed like this!!!!!! A once in a lifetime event!!!

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. You told me nothing about layout hunting except how to put the boat in….not even a good tutorial for how to place the longlines….basically a long sequence of the hunt viewed from a half mile away with shifty music embedded in a tangle free commercial

  2. Dear God, that looks like fun.  This video finally put me over the edge and got me to order a Bankes Pumpkinseed layout after years of putting it off.  This Fall can't come soon enough!

  3. awesome video guys!!! really love how in depth it went from putting out the decoys to what the birds are eating. I'm currently building my layout boat and can't wait to get out. great job guys!

  4. wow!!! you werent kidding when you told me about how many birds there were down at bass pro a couple weeks ago. thats incredible, I hope for an experience like that. -Nick

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