Ambush points – Increasing duck hunting success by selecting the ideal hunting spot

The gang sets off for opening day of duck hunting. Getting to the ducks will deliver its challenges, including taming a slippery, thirty-foot cliff, poor natural concealment and far-away ducks.
But the secret to success is not in hoping for the best; it’s coming to opening day armed with a plan and a few “plans B” in your back-pocket.
Watch as Adam and the gang explain how to develop opening day tactics that will continue to pay off through the season. From blinds and other concealment techniques to picking the perfect location, to planning the right decoy type and location.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. HOW is gods name are you guys sponsored by Beretta ….. you can be beginners, like I am of relative 4 years duck hunting but Beretta should know better than to have you clowns represent them. Too many flaws to speak of … not worth my time. For any person coming looking for education "Here's what not to do!!!" (set up, camouflage, shooting etc).
    p.s. 2:32 Gay dude with black face is so confident in his ass-hattery it's unreal.

  2. I real confused on how big company's like beretta sponsor people like this let alone give them there on tv show. This is the third video I watched and seen maybe a hand full of ducks shot. Good calling my ass most the ducks I see are 2 miles high. I mean come on. Your telling me all I have to do is throw some face paint on in a stupid fashion like some duck dynasty want to be and give shity advice. What a waist of time. P.S. letting a dog brake is stupid the current isn't that fast.

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