American Dad: Roger’s Best Personas (Mashup) | TBS

While it’s hard to pick the best of Roger’s many great personas, here is a sampling of fan-favorite characters such as Ricky Spanish, Tearjerker, Legman, General Juanito Pequeño, and Jeannie Gold.

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Stan Smith leads the all-American family in this animated sitcom filled with wild and crazy extremes. Everyday life is taken to the limit as Stan applies the same drastic measures used in his job at the CIA to his home-life. Driven by machismo and the American dream, he is often blind to how horribly he fails at his attempts. This father may not know best but he never stops trying! Starring Seth MacFarlane (Stan Smith, Roger), Wendy Schaal (Francine Smith), Rachael MacFarlane (Hayley Smith), Scott Grimes (Steve Smith), Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus).

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The home of Friends, AEW, American Dad, Young Sheldon, Friday Night Vibes, The Last O.G., Rat in the Kitchen, Go Big Show, The Cube, Miracle Workers, Chad, and Wipeout.

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American Dad: Roger’s Best Personas (Mashup) | TBS


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  1. When I need a good laugh or want to escape the b.s I watch American Dad. It's funny asf . All the characters are funny entertaining and it's a great show.. I hope it runs for many more seasons

  2. Is this why Roger's is stealing from public taxes for Walfare Claim's Cell towers and all this sports fools and walfare checks family's inbreeding con's same lord clown they tell each other any thing this called playing as they lie of who and what they are , the whore told hurk on the other side skank was all that. setting STOOGES IN PLAY with lies they buy into your word's they could been this dumb as all others playing the same way

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