Ameristep Brickhouse as Elevated Blind

We chose to use an Ameristep Brickhouse ground blind atop an elevated platform platform

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Best way to get a nest out of your blind is a hot shot fogger. Pop the top and throw it in there and go back the next day with a broom and sweep them out.

  2. Just curious how these held up. As an outfitter solid structure has always been the way to go unless you already owned these ameristeps the cost wouldn’t be much different. My experience is pop ups are cheaply made nowadays. Nice at first until it sets in elements. Be sure a keep them sprayed with repellent.

  3. Who the hell taught you too frame up floor joists?
    Omg I know your just building a shoot house!!!! I wouldn’t put my kids on that carp!!!
    My God be on your side and now one gets hurt!!!

  4. A platform for that will hold an elephant to support a blind that will collapses the first snow or ice. Or be gone with the first windy storm. Ice is really hard on them.

  5. Best way to kill wasp and bees is to wait about a half hour or more after it gets dark. All of them will be on the wasp nest or in their hives and have your wasp and hornet killer spray ready as you shine a flashlight on them. Spray them and they are dead . A lot safer at night time and you get them all .

  6. Dude I put corner studs on mine and made a square frame for roof and then used old garage door panels for the roof cause they are light weight then attach them with angle brackets works Awsome

  7. This is exactly what out blinds are. We put ours out early also. We are planning on switching out ever stand we have for a raised blind. All the new ones will have 8 foot tall platforms.

  8. That's a sweet setup
    We just set up our Blind this Year. Come see how I'm trying to make it super warm so our daughter wont freeze while hanging out with Mom and Dad. Your Welcome to come Join the Family. Missouri WhiteTail Hunting in 8 Days!!

  9. Get yourself some Talstar P and never worry about them again. Spray the inside and out with it a few times before and maybe once during the season and they won't come near the boxes. Just built myself a 6'x 8' box with a 6' 5" ceiling height and can't wait to get it to camp and up.


EC-130H Compass Call: Enemy will be Blind and Deaf