Avian-X A-frame Blind Review – Portable Duck Blind

Duck hunter Todd Helms tests out the A-frame Blind by Avian-X on a late season goose hunting. This duck hunting blind is portable and keeps hunters mobile during waterfowl season. Helms finds set up to be quick and easy. Once the blind is grassed in secure with zip ties, roll up and it’s ready for your next hunting spot.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. My brother and I bought that same blind a few years ago, very comfortable blind. I highly recommend going to your spot a day before if you can and get the foliage on. We missed the first hour or so of ducks flying around, not over us, because we were too busy cutting vegetation to conceal our blind. Once the blind is good to go, then you are ready in about 15 minutes. The camo fabric it comes with can easily be identified by most ducks and they may avoid you.

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