Bale blind for deer hunting

Home built hay bale deer blind.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I'm awful late to the party, but it should have made a great blind for a few years without much work. The deer shouldn't notice as it gets rundown until it doesn't conceal you well. I wonder if vertical slits with netting over them might not work better for gun hunters. I might try a blind like yours if I ever build another.

  2. Good job on the blind, you gave me some ideas.

    Yanno …..
    ….. I get the hay bale blind with the erosion control netting looking " natural" and all, but up here in the great white north of NW PA many of the farmers have moved to covering their round bales in sealed white plastic or covering them with a plain brown tarp.

    I'm thinking that "look" would work too !

    … and be simpler too !

  3. Put a gaz heater in there(i sell them,they are very safe) a small table and chairs for lunch time,build some small flat boards under the'windows'to keep your guns in the safe direction!!!I would even sleep in there,a good square of thick carpet and sleeping bags…….Great build…..great idea.Greetings from France.

  4. How did you attach that erosion netting over the tarp? I've got one built all the way to the tarp stage and I'm contemplating how best to attach the netting vs. real net-wrapped hay.

  5. 1 of my hunting friends friend, he built a hay blind like that for us. We hunt in southern Michigan. I hunted out of it 1 time last year.Only thing do not like about ours, cannot stand up & hunt,  & looking out of windows at the same time ,& same problem with windows as you have. Like your idea with the boards so the heavy snow does not crush the blind. Think it will be a good idea to do that with ours. Than afraid to use a heater in it. October hunts will be ok, but November hunts or December hunts for sure is cold in there. It looks cool, but I like my 6 sided hex blind much better. Have 3 of them now,& with heater inside of them, its as warm as a house.

  6. Awesome job, I haven't made a deer blind in a lot of years but now that I'm getting older I'm thinking about it so I can take the grandkid. I've always preferred tree stand because you can see so much better. I've been thinking about a ground blind made of pvc frame to lighten the load but yours looks really good. My question is the netting . Did it come with the hay or do you have to somehow add that? I thought maybe a person could spray glue to the tarp and then add straw. Give me your thoughts thanks.

  7. How has the blind held up? Is the netting still in tact?I used chicken wire on mine it looks great and its holding up great in the 35+ winds here in Kansas and some rain. I stuffed alfalfa hay between the tarp and the chicken wire, when I get time to make a video and pictures I'll get some on here

  8. That looks great. how long did it take you to make it? Ive been wanting to make one for quite awhile and this is what I had in mind. I don't see spending $800 on a blind, either does my wife. how has the blind held up?

  9. Great job! This is awesome! I have been thinking about building one of these for a while but keep procrastinating. Maybe I missed it in the video, but how did you fasten the plastic and the straw netting to the wire panels?

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