BEST deer blind window ever!!!

Brett Moravitz-
Ceck his channel out. he makes some great deer blinds also.

This deer blind window method is the cheapest and easiest i have ever tried. Simple lexan or plexiglass and garage door weatherstripping make a simple, low cost effective deer blind window.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Nice job putting this together and explaining it – and for sharing the creds and link! I chose to put the rivets on with the rivet heads on the outside of the window because the rivet head has a little less profile sticking out against the rubber strip vs the rivet tail and a washer. So far no cracking of the drill holes but hey, it's good to show that it can be done differently. Thanks again!!

  2. Good idea, I like it! Lexan is so expensive. I just looked at a piece of plastic and I don’t know if it was Lexan, but anyway, a 2X4 piece was $79.00
    Glass was very cheap, like me. I thought about making a thin wood frame and put double strength glass in it. I would still be able to use the garage door weatherstrip idea

  3. Thanks for the idea!

    I used it to create six 24" x 12" windows on my latest 6' x 4' elevated box blind and couldn't be more pleased with the results after this past season. They are super quiet to open and close so I am able to keep them closed to keep my scent contained and the blind warmer when it's cold and windy plus they are weather proof and keep the varmints and bugs out (where they belong).

    I liked the idea of riveting the hinges to the plexiglass but unfortunately my technique needs a bit of work and I inadvertently cracked the plexiglass at the hinge holes on some of the windows but NO PROBLEM. Fortunately I had watched another YouTube video on the wonders of combining superglue and baking soda to make super strong repairs on my mistakes and all windows stood up well to a lot of use over the past season.

    All my future deer blinds will feature these types of windows!

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