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We have taken the best episodes of The Honey Brake Experience from the 2019-2020 season and put them together to create a best of the best!

The Honey Brake Experience, is shot on the 40,000 acre Louisiana Delta Plantation aside the world famous shooting grounds of Catahoula Lake. Louisiana’s Honey Brake Lodge is home to the finest American waterfowl hunting in the lower 48. Every week our cameras take you inside the entire operation. Here on the 40,000 acre Louisiana Delta Plantation you’ll find 14 different species of ducks feeding and migrating their way along the Central and Mississippi. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Episode Breakdown.

START TIME: 00:00 – Honey Brake Cribs: 20,000 Acres, 26 Beds, 19 Baths
Take a look inside the magical Honey Brake Lodge. There’s a lot of Realtree, Banded, bedrooms, bathrooms and plenty of cupping ducks. Join us for an all-access tour of your next duck hunt on this 20,000-acre piece of heaven. It has some of the best waterfowl hunting in the flyway.

START TIME: 10:35 – Ducks and Bucks: Riley Green and Tyler Jordan Hunt At Honey Brake
This week, country music artist Riley Green and Realtree’s Tyler Jordan are on a mission for ducks and bucks at Honey Brake. Green pokes fun whiling singing in camp. “I wish my guide, Drew, put me in a better stand. And I wish every duck had a band,” he sung. The verses kept going something like that.

START TIME: 26:10 – Three Generations: The Confluence Group Family Goes Duck Hunting
It’s all about Family, Friends, and the Outdoors during the Confluence Group weekend at Honey Brake. David Cahill brings his sons and father to hunt ducks, but this weekend is about so much more.

START TIME: 44:24 – 26,000 Acres to Manage and No Days Off
A behind-the-scenes look at what makes the Honey Brake Experience a special duck hunting adventure. All the little details that go into it are mind-blowing. The work here is never over. Once the duck hunting is done, the focus is on training and keeping the dogs in shape.

START TIME: 57:36 – Louisiana Split: Bucks and Ducks
The Honey Break crew takes advantage of the Louisiana split to get work done! Drew spends a few days whitetail hunting before key partners come in to duck hunt. They crack jokes and shoot ducks like lives depend on it. It’s one of the best series of duck hunts ever captured on camera. You might even see Realtree’s own Tyler Jordan and Brad Schorr. Limits for all, y’all.

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