Best Water Filter For Well Water

Water Filter For Well Water – What to Look For in a Water Filter

A good whole house water filtration system is placed on your main water supply line and purifies your water for all of your family needs. The average price of a whole home water filtration system is about $1,000 or more, though it ranges greatly in cost depending on the type, brand, and size of filtration media.

Filter for well water

best water filter for well water

You want the entire family to drink safe water without any health problems. Your drinking water may not be as safe as you think, especially if your home is built on a reservoir or well that is located in a rural area. The chemical pollution from fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, and other chemicals is probably much greater than what you have been told.

There are some chemicals that your drinking water is supposed to have, but the concentrations of these chemicals are usually far too high. If you have ever read up about water filters for well waters you will find that they will remove a large amount of the harmful chemicals. You will also notice that there are very few contaminants left that you do not need.

In order to use your well water filtration system you will need to connect it to the home main line. The whole house filter will require an installation professional, so you should check with your water service provider to make sure that they can take care of the installation for you.

When using a water filter for well waters, you can expect to eliminate a number of harmful toxins from your drinking water. This includes drugs, bacteria, parasites, lead, and chlorine. Once your filter has filtered out the bad stuff, you will see what remains as crystal clear clean water that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Using a home water filtration system will improve the taste and smell of your tap water, as well. It will give your water a fresh taste and you will be able to enjoy your family’s favorite beverage in a variety of flavors.

You may not need a reverse osmosis system to get this kind of filtration. You could just use the filters on the faucets in your home. It is important to note however that reverse osmosis systems can cause the chlorine and chloramine to become separated into its separate water molecules, which can create chemicals that are harmful to you. Reverse osmosis will not keep the chemicals from mixing back together, so you are really losing something if you do not use a system.

Best filter for well water

Some well water filtration systems will use a carbon filter to catch most of the chemical contaminants. The best systems will use activated granular carbon that is designed to trap 99% of the harmful chemicals and leave behind the beneficial minerals that you need in your drinking water.

Activated granular carbon is considered to be the best filtering material on the market. It does not only remove the harmful toxins, but also the good stuff that is naturally found in your water supply.

The type of activated carbon filter used in your home filtration system will also determine how effective the filtration process will be. Some filters for home use will use activated carbon as part of their whole house unit, while others will use a sub-micron filter.

The sub-micron filters remove all of the harmful particles, but will not filter out the good stuff. They are more expensive but are effective at removing large particles such as bacteria and chlorine.

You need to decide what kind of filtration system will work best for you. Researching is the only way to find the best water filter for well water.

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