Better Deer Hunting for a Georgia Property: Plan Details with Hunting Strategies (512)

A Georgia hunter want to get better deer hunting so Grant designs a habitat improvement and hunting strategy to maximize deer herd quality and buck encounters for his two Georgia properties.
Before assisting hunters with their habitat and hunting goals I start by using onX maps to study their property and the neighborhood. I also ask very detailed questions about their hunting style. These questions include how much they and others hunt the property. Understanding the amount of hunting pressure is a big factor when determining the amount of cover and the number of stands/blinds that allows the best opportunity of meeting their hunting objectives.
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Hunters frequently ask what habitat improvement projects are most important. Most hunters expect a standard answer such as “plant a food plot” or “create some bedding cover”. These projects may or may not be appropriate for your goals or where you hunt. Which project or projects will produce the most benefits depends on your hunting goals and what the limited/missing resource is in the local habitat. For example, if where you hunt borders a creek, lake, or several ponds that don’t go dry, developing another water source won’t improve the quality of the habitat for deer and turkeys or help you pattern deer. Likewise, if there’s a large CRP field next to where you hunt, then cover isn’t limited and adding more wouldn’t attract deer and probably won’t make them easier to pattern. These are just a few questions, there’s much thought that goes designing a plan for a hunting property.

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  1. Dr Woods, I've been following you for several years now and this video references a property that is 13-14 miles south of mine. Very similar situation with the river and pivot irrigated ag. I would love to find out what food plot/protein feeder program you recommend for this area. I have long felt that I can not compete with the ag and pine clear cuts that are prevalent in this area. PS, thanks for letting us peek into your blessed life. I have followed several others in your field over the years but you seem to have the most sound ideas that I've heard. Thanks again and take care.

  2. Really enjoy the phone consultation videos. After hearing you talk about moisture evaporation I’m curious if south facing slopes are typically a bad option for food plots?

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