Biden Announces Plan To Stack Democratic Primary in Conservative Dems Favor

President Joe Biden proposed a plan to switch up the order of Democratic primaries to help conservative Democrats. Cenk Uygur, Ben Gleib and Mondale Robinson discuss on The Young Turks.

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“President Joe Biden is recommending a massive overhaul of the presidential nominating calendar, calling for South Carolina to replace Iowa in the leadoff position and elevate Michigan and Georgia into the mix.

Biden has proposed that South Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Georgia and Michigan make up the early voting window.

Scott Brennan, a member of the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee from Iowa confirmed the proposed changes Thursday. The committee met privately in Washington before committee leaders are expected to brief DNC members at public meetings Friday.”


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  1. Joe Biden was light years better than Trump, but he needs to step aside and perhaps there even needs to be an upper age limit on public officials. Once you are voting and enacting policies that won’t even impact you in your lifetime, you need to stop. Boomers, you’ve had lots of time and you’ve made a huge mess of all this. Time to bring in fresh faces and new ideas. Progressives are the only hope that our country doesn’t continue to devolve into corporate cronyism and fascism. Stand aside!

  2. I wonder what else the DEM party will do to DOUBLE DOWN ON FUNDENENTALLY CHANGING OUR NATION to a Socialist state so the DEEP STATE SWAMP can run it, as China Joe Promised


    The DEM party is allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote on Local Elections in NY, all to bring up their BASE cuz they are losing in this DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST aka Marxist vs DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC aka Patriot's WAR


    The DEM party and China Joe are allowing the Chinese's Communist Party, CCP, to have a Police Station in NY, I wonder what they have on them to get away with that?

  5. Meh. I don't care which states vote first in the primary. I don't see any good reason to not have primary voting all on the same day across the nation. The fundamental problem here is that we're using the results of how people in one state vote as if that should affect how others in different states vote. You shouldn't be voting for a candidate just because they have the least or most amount of votes so far, you should be voting for them based on their policies, integrity, and values. Use ranked choice voting, and as the less popular candidates fall out their votes go to whoever those voters wanted most next, and so on, until the most popular candidate wins. It shouldn't be convoluted or a meta-game based on how they perform in each round of voting and who drops out when.

  6. I think this is what progressives need if they actually want to win the White House. They’re going to be forced to communicate to voters who don’t know them, or their policies. It’s gonna force the left to self reflect on messaging, and outreach. Most importantly it’s gonna force the left out of the young white university bubble it currently occupies.

  7. Democrats are nothing but fascist and they dare call the Republicans the fascist party give me a break look in the mirror people.. oh my God . What's next climate change lockdowns ? I wouldn't put it past these fascists scumbags

  8. Keep moving the goal post Joe for your despicable DNC .. the party talks about democracy they're not but hypocrites.. wake up America.. the lies they spew out every day look what they did with Twitter look how they used Twitter in the election… Trump was right

  9. Something can be self-serving for the decision makers and still be the right thing to do. Iowa and New Hampshire definitely feel like strange places for these national races to begin.

  10. People talk black, European. But, everyone forgets this land . Belongs to Native Americans. Unfortunately, we are a low number , and uneducated. Because, we live on the reservations. Please people. Open books! TV? Just tells you what to see, and think! And, if you don't believe me? Why? Are they trying to outlaw books?

  11. If a true demographic representation of the country leans towards the Dems, so be it.
    It shows that the Reps need to get it together and go back to real policy instead of running a circus.
    Let's see the Reps BE better and actually DESERVE a win.
    REAL DEMOCRACY would require national ranked-choice voting, those who don't respect the will of the people will never support it.

  12. If the Democrats are going to ignore "Separation of Church and State" in Georgia and ask a vote for a repentant sinner versus a "Reverend" that affirms and encourages sin, sinners and the slaughter of the unborn? There is only one person to vote for – – – HERSCHEL WALKER.

  13. Black dude capping. Latino Democratic VOTERS are more progressive than black VOTERS. Screw who "might" vote. Ok, this dude is 100% wrong. He's talking about "hypothetical" voters. People who ACTUALLY VOTE, definitely followed Clyburn in SC. I actually live in the state, I know.

  14. Biden is, and always has been, a Conservative Democrat.

    When Republicans dominate -like every voting cycle since 1980 – DEM LEADERS MOVE TO THE RIGHT.

    However, the DEM BASE comprises Working Class and Middle Class voters – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

    The real message from Dem voters in poll after poll tjis year is that the majority of Dems WANT MEDICARE FOR ALL, want Social Security expanded to those earning up to $500k per year; want Tuition-Free State Colleges and Universities; want A LIVING WAGE TO BE THE MINIMUM WAGE; want subsidised Child Care; want PAID SICK LEAVE; want a NEW GREEN DEAL that will slow disastrous global warming and create millions of well-paying jobs.

    Not only do Dem Voters want this decent minimum, a sizable bsse of Republicans also want these policies.

    If Conservative.Dem Biden and the DNC really want "more diverse voter primaries", recruit more diverse Candidates and simplify the Caucus Process, ALLOW MAIL-IN BALLOTS FOR ALL, propose VOTING DISTRICTS identical to ZIP CODES, schedule Local and State Elections on Saturdays and make Federal Election Days PAID FEDERAL HOLIDAYS FOR EVERYONE.

    Dem Voters are far more Progressive than Biden, the DNC and the Dem Leaders. If Biden really wants the Dem Party to win in 2024 he must BE MORE PROGRESSIVE.

    But Biden is, in his heart, both Conservative and Opportunist. He has courted Republican favour throughout his career and he is still doing so, hence his recent attempt to short-circuit the Rail Workers' negotiations.

    Biden wants the approval of the Republican "country club set", an approval he could never attain as a working class Catholic in Scranton.

    As for Biden"s Conservative leanings, DEMS DO NOT WANT "REAGANOMICS". Dems want voter-friendly, working family friendly, Progressive Policies like those that rescued Americans from both the Great Depression and Fascism. The Dems had to challenge Extreme Right Wing Republicans in the 1930s and Dems must do that again every day between now and November 2024. Biden needs everyday working Dems and that means adopting a Progressive Platform for 2024. So, President Biden, lead, follow, or stare through the Country Club windows again.

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