BLEACH: A Blind Review (Part 5) | Is the Arrancar Arc Good?

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Bleach by Tite Kubo is a story unlike any I’ve ever covered. Over the years I’ve created a number of Blind Reviews for some of the most popular series to come out of Japan. And since completing both Naruto and One Piece, thousands of you have recommended I take a look at Bleach.
Bleach and I have a complicated relationship, made all the more complicated thanks to the current online situation regarding the series. 10 years ago I watched a small portion of the manga with my friends but never got into the series. However now that the anime is returning
I think now is the perfect time to not only make good on all those requests from all of you, but the perfect opportunity to give this series another chance in my preferred medium. Manga!

So, join me on this journey as I explore and experience Bleach’s manga for the very first time and once and for all complete my review series of the Big 3! Covering the adventures of Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, Uryu and Rukia won’t be easy! But I’m sure it’ll be worth it!
Next up on the chopping block is the final section, the second half of the “Arrancar” arc! Let’s see what it has in store for us!



Main Menu (Bleach Brave Souls)
If I could Turn Back Time (Cover by SingitLive)
Lab 16 (Chrono Trigger)
Zeal Palace (Chrono Trigger)
Thornfelt Swamp (Ori)
Nothing Can Be Explained (Bleach)
Creeping Shadows (Bleach)


Ranbu No Melody (Cover by ROMI)
Ten Piedad (Blasphemous)
Fuerza (Bleach Brave Souls)
Usopp VS Luffy (Cover by SLSMusic)
Serious (Bleach Brave Souls)
Battle With Those We Must Face (Bravely Default II)
Ulquiorra Murcielago Theme (Bleach)
Dark Lord Fight (DOOM Eternal)
Godzilla (Cover by ArtificialFear)
Suite De Arrancar (Cover by IconiQ)
On The Precipice of Defeat (Bleach)
Arpegios en Ocre (Blasphemous)
Cave Crawl (My Friend Pedro)
Divulgation (VLR)
Demise (VLR)
Evil Morty Theme (Cover by Dancing Fishstick)
Baile de Violetas (Blasphemous)
Chokkaku: Final Getsuga Tensho (Cover by ABELL III)
Will of The Heart (Cover by IconiQ)




Edited by: Editor-San

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Yeeeeah im not feeling this review, Mark sounds like he slept threw this one. Compared to his past more through reviews. He is harping on unimportant things while glossing over on critical story beats and characters. You can tell he is generally disinterested in it. The biggest flaw of bleach is Style over Substance and he still hasn't realized (or accepted) it yet.

  2. 37 minutes in… pretty sure you just misunderstood Ichigo, even during the Byakuya fight forever ago he felt the same, Ichigo, the human must win, he must protect people, at least up through here, he doesn’t identify as the same being as his hollow, Ichigo hasn’t won a fight in his mind if human him isn’t in the drivers seat even if hollow him is still truly himself.
    To clarify, Ichigo cares way more that HE saves people he cares about than them being saved at all, he’s got an oversized ego that keeps being built up by wins and moreover not dying.

  3. Man i can't wait for Mark to finally see the gloriousness of Chair-sama. I missed that meme when back when reading weekly Bleach is such a torture we cling to a frickin Chair for salvation.

  4. It bothers me that the detail that mark missed out about ichigo growing up a little due to the time increase training in dangai (1hr realtime = 2000hrs dangai). Remember, ichigo is in the peak of his puberty (15-16) so a couple months of growing will change his appearance.

    I know that everyone who had watched it on their own know this, but pointing something out is what the purpose of comments.

  5. I have to argue that the number of arrancar was necessary because of the number of soul reapers. if there were fewer arrancar they would be perceived as a non issue. Or if there were fewer arrancar and they sent a similar number of soul reapers people would criticize that there are more powerful soul reapers at the soul society not helping with the fight

  6. I think the Azien was behind everything was honestly pretty dumb he doesn't show any real proof and we know hes a liar, the reflection of his soul is illusion powers afterall why Ichigo listens to him is honestly beyond me

  7. Ichigo enjoying fighting is one of the reasons he's worried about giving in to his Hollow side, and one of the reasons he's ashamed of it. He thinks it means he could be evil. Asking for a fair fight is probably because he still IS fair, even if he doesn't realize it.

  8. To be honest i think the author gave the tien treatment to chad, ichigo is somehow a combination of hollow/shinigami and the biggest power up generator , while chad unlocked his power a bit this arc just to get run over even after showing them to ichigo at the start.

  9. Never really liked this arc because it cheapens the strength of the Espada and makes the Captain's absurdly OP. The concept from the outset was that they were fairly evenly matched counterparts, but the Captains dominate the Espada with basically no effort once they decide it's time to unleash their "secret technique" or whatnot. I also hated how Starrk was essentially defeated in a completely cheap and disrespectful manner then cast aside.

  10. I am enjoying watching this review series… however I am going to have to disagree with you about something you said. That being canon filler never being a good thing. I strongly disagree with the notion that everything in a story has to push the plot forward

  11. the last needle that broke the camel's back when i was watching Bleach episodes back to back was one of the many, inconsequential, formulaic fights between the soul reapers and the arrancars ending with the soul reaper, after getting outdone and beaten the whole episode, pulling a "i was just pretending to be weak to fool" you and obliterating the arrancar. fuck that, what a worthless filler. whenever i see 10+ characters on the screen i get angry since then.

  12. Luckely That one piece don't have filler fights with every Crew member or side Characters for that 1 arc and only show Ruffy against the main Bad of the arc and then go to the next big Bad.

  13. Yes it is very good and when you pay attention to what happen and have a memory you can see so much forshadowing from earlyer that arc or even befor what get a pay of or even more for later.
    Maybe you should read it again pay more attention and write Note when you have a Bad memory.


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