Blind Dating 5 Guys Based on Their Tattoos | Versus 1

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Ali –
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Roy –
Zachery –
Nico –
Alec –

00:00 Intro
00:55 Round 1: No Talking
03:07 Round 1: Elimination
03:37 Round 2: Q&A
05:32 Round 2: Elimination
06:06 Round 3: Conversations
07:23 Round 3: Elimination
08:13 Final Reveal

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  1. Whaaat i am so disappointed in the guy that got eliminated first!! That image is a statue called 'Menneke pis' from belgium. 'menneke' is a loving way of saying boy and 'pis' is just pee😅
    The bronze statue is iconic, its also on top of a (yup, ya guessed it) fountain.

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