Blind Man Finds the Hole – BlindTobes #shorts

Brooke is talking with Toby Addison about how he has exploded onto TikTok, and why he wants to use his platform to share his life and educate others
Toby discusses the importance of having a Plan ‘A’ and a plan ‘B’ and why being prepared is the key to avoiding the unnecessary hassle and shares great advice on how to pursue what you really want in life

Disabled and Proud is the show that brings listeners a different perspective on disability. Each week this podcast highlights an awesome disabled guest speaking about their own disability; why they are proud to be disabled and why they are proud to be themselves.

The conversations in this show will look at what challenges these amazing people face socially, mentally, physically and life in general. This show is raw, open, honest, funny, welcoming and educational.

Disabled & Proud does exactly what it says on the tin! And whilst we are creating this space for disabled people to be unashamedly themselves, without need to conform to society, this is also not about toxic positivity. This show will be shining a big, bright light on disability without it being “Paralympic or pity”.

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