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CINEBIRDS presents –
” BLIND 👁️ ” – Short Film 🩸

Film Credits :
Directed By – Nirjon Nahuel
Shot By – Kausarthemaker
Story – Nirjon Nahuel, Kausarthemaker
Assistant Director – Minhaz Akash, Zobayer Rahman
Edit & Color – Nirjon Nahuel, Kausarthemaker, Zobayerfx
Chief Assistant Director – Kausarthemaker
Poster – Nirjon Nahuel
Cast: Nirjon Nahuel, Nazia Borsha, Julkar Nafiz, Ankon Chowdhury, Minhaz Akash, AB Ashim, Zobayer Rahman

Music Credits :
Bubai Nandy
BGM Tracks
Divyansh Shrivastava flutist

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  2. Nijon vai tomaky khub valobashe..tomaky agy ami cintam na r khakono tomar natok dakhe ni , kintu jaden porthom tomaky dakhi r oi den ami urocithi natok ta dakhi r ak shaty onk natok dakhi.. R thon thaky ami tomar fan hoia gaci… Excitant portak ta natok a notun kicu daoar jonno.. Poricalok ka osongkho thonnobad

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