[Blind Reaction] MLP:FiM S08E13 – The Mean 6

Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 8 Episode 13 – The Mean 6.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Okay, so I said at the beginning I watched this early, but then personal stuff got in the way of also finishing the commentary early, and in fact it ended up being a day late. Sorry about that.

  2. You have to consider that just before twilight came on the scene to see fluttershy crying the evil pinkie was extremely rude to her and actually made her almost cry so I think her conclusion makes sense

  3. Yes, I know, we have been planning this for quite some time! (laughter)
    Oh! Thank you AppleJack, this spell can create a copy of anypony I desire. All I need is an image and a piece of the pony. (sniff) Oh, and this.
    Why copies, Rarity? Because Princess Twilight and her friends control the elements of harmony. The most powerful weapon in all Equestria. Which means you! Wll! Be! Able! To! Use! Them! Too! And serve me. Together, we will destroy Twilight Sparkle and her meddlesome friends!
    Of course I haven’t forgotten Starlight Glimmer! She stole my hive. Turned my subjects against me! So I’ll take her friends away while she watches! And then… I’ll destroy her! (laughter)
    With the elements under my control, I’ll build a new hive of earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi! And I will rule as queen once again!

  4. I didn’t really like this episode when I first saw it cause of the mean six madness and how it’s all over the place with the mean six and mane six mix up, and both mean and nice fluttershy at the same time with the animals. and looking at it again……yeah it’s not that great for me

  5. Not so sure I agree on the mean 6/sunset theory. A lot of what you said makes sense but the mean 6 were acting as they were right in front of the tree and we see it flashing black for each element. So there was definately some assessing going on there. Sunset however took the element of magic into another dimension before trying to use it and she is not a copy of one of the main 6. I feel that would make it a fair degree of difference.

  6. Idk why, but since the second I saw that photographer had green eyes in that specific green I was 100% sure she was Chrysalis. I can't explain why, I just… knew it o.o

  7. Look the series finale was cool and all, but it would’ve been better if it were with the mean six. I mean we’ve seen the same villains over and over again. But the mean six once! I feel like it would’ve made the finale 20% cooler

  8. Man this episode would’ve been great if the mean six corrupted the elements and had to fight the mane six. That would’ve been a way better season finale for this season

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