Blinds 2go Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds for Patio Doors – Review

After recently installing patio doors we wanted to add some blinds but it was important to choose the right ones for several reasons, we decided to go with Blinds 2go and their Venetian Perfect Fit range. The blinds came well packaged and the overall quality is very nice, they’re easy to install and quite robust making them ideal for our environment. If you’re thinking about buying these blinds then we hope our video helps, of course, these will fit normal windows as well – if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Hi, we are looking to order these sort of blinds. We tried with some of our neighbours they no longer wanted- wrong size) but we couldn’t physically get the little white clip bits under the frame (inbetween the rubber and glass) even after trying Vaseline lol! Almost got a hammer out to go try and whack them in, should it be that difficult do you think? So worried about ordering some and wasting money if we can’t use them

  2. Was just looking at getting some blinds for my patio doors. Thanks for the vlog it's certainly made my mind up about blinds2go, as wasn't too sure which company to go with. Thanks again x

  3. Hi. How much of the frame do you see from the outside. I’ve got doors that are grey on the outside and white on the inside and I’m wondering what colour to get the frames.

  4. Nice to see the product “in the flesh” so to speak… but really need to find a start-to-finish video of the measuring process to the actual installation process. It’s great for the tips and ‘heads-up’ however! 👍🏻

  5. I bought one blind to try and I found it impossible to untangle the nots, I nearly put it in the bin, I was so angry. After 20 minutes I managed to free it and put it up. I like it a lot so I ordered some more. Still waiting though 22 days later. They were dispatched 10 days ago and are with UPS but I have a funny feeling they’re never going to be delivered

  6. Hi, how would you remove a frame, so you can fully clean the window? I don't have any instructions as they were fitted by a firm…and why do you need the credit card type device, feel I might need to know this when putting them back in! Thanks

  7. I need them for my porch windows and door but the door ones are a width of 10” and they only do them a minimum of 10.2”. From fitting yours, can you see a reason they don’t do them 10” wide. Thanks

  8. Just moved into a house that has these blinds, one of them has slipped on one side so I assume I need to remove the frame and adjust the brackets. You say these 'clicked on' so can I just pull them back off the brackets so I can access them ? Cheers

  9. Hey there , I am looking to order the sames blinds. We have a cat flap in the glass at the bottom of our French doors . Would these work let's say if I had the bottom bar above the flap not attacked to the frame at all ?? Or too unstable ? I see the fixings are on the side , so I'm guessing it would be OK. We have no tolerance round the flap to really fit anything to the bottom of the door

    Thank you in advance , Mark

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