Blinds and Camouflage for Bird and Wildlife Photography

A short video showing how I use a blind and camouflage for my belted kingfisher photography. I am sure at least some of it can be applied to your own wildlife photography endeavours.

Link to blind:

Link to images:

Link to bulk camo material:

If you are interested in my belted kingfisher photography tours you can find information here:

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. OK Ron another question. I see the link you give to the Ameristep blind. I took a look at it. I can see how you use it, except for the material that is shown on it. In this video you talk about how this kind of material would not work in a hot/warm climate like Florida. But I don't recall you telling how you replaced this dense material with the lighter mesh. Did you remove the Ameristep material except for the top/ceiling? And then add your mesh of choice? Or ??? Thanks, I think this little hide would be great for my backyard setups. Like you I do not want to swelter in Ameristep's standard material.

  2. Recommend you bring a third camera to videotape what you're seeing or at least show us what's in your viewfinder. Long edit of just watching you looking through your camera is not very interesting.

  3. Hi Ron, great video with great information. Question: Did Ameristep make your hide custom for you with the mesh? I ordered one using the link you provided, but it is mossy oak material (solid) . Maybe they no longer offer the mesh option? Thanks for your help!

  4. blind is out of stock. Question, if you have to swing that camera/lens on the gimbal from left to right & so on, how does that work out sitting in that tent chair? wondering if a mono pod would work out better. Thanks for putting up the vid with the links. By the way , great name for your u-tube channel.

  5. Nice setup. I work also with a blind, do not have the chair blind, that works not for me since I often use the bike to go somewhere. I have a small package that unfold itself, works good. It is warm inside, but I am from the Netherlands and than that is better, use it mostly in Fall, Winter and Spring at that time temperature's are not that high. It has openings on different levels wich is very usefull. (eyelevel) Putting it somewhere standalone is not so good is my expierience, its better to have some bushes around.

  6. That's a neat setup. Thanks for sharing this. You are like a one man trail camera – just that the quality of the photos is quite different than from typical unmanned cameras 😆.

  7. Nice video about what sounds like a very successful set up. I may have to look into one of those to try on my deck next to a pond feature in my garden where birds come to see if they will tolerate my camera being so close. Thanks for the video.

  8. Nice one buddy, handy little hides those chair hides I have a single seat one, very handy kit..great vlog and shots well presented as always 😉👌🤙

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