BowTech Allegiance Review And Kansas Deer Hunting Plans

hey yall in this video i go over my plans and kansas deer hunting plans Bowtech allegiance review

the release i use:

Broad heads i use:


Big Camera:

GO Pro:


Fate Black:


Aird X:






Fish Finder:https:

Transducer Mount:

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. You did good for sure, I’d say you nearly got your money’s worth with just arrows & accessories.

    I prefer using fixed head broad heads (Magnus Ks company & life warranty) on heavy arrows, I’ve just had bad experiences with expandables, especially when the they hit something other than soft tissue YMMV.

  2. Practice Practice Practice… DO Not just grab and go. Practice shooting standing, sitting, how ever you may need to shoot in the field. If you want to come out to the house and shoot together a bit man hit me up . Im no EXPERT, but been at it a while have some knowledge.

  3. Great vid yes u made a good purchase season actually started today I’ve kill 2 deer with a bow if it was me I would use the release that straps to your rist but that’s my opinion and yes make hunting vids

  4. Great bow…I’m thinking it’s a 2007. You can change mods, not the whole cam. Get those exposed broadheads out of that case before your strings get cut. The allegiance was my favorite bow BowTech ever made. You done good.

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