Build a Cedar Deer Blind: Part I

Hi folks, and welcome to Schick Happens. I decided to make another deer blind for the property. Unfortunately, I lost my first set of video clips of me framing together the walls with the 2×4’s, so I had to pick up from there. This will be Part I. Please note this is just a follow along. No plans will be provided. It’s roughly 5X5 and about 7 feet tall. I hope to have up Part II in a week or so. Thanks for watching, please hit that like button and if you haven’t already, please subscribe, and share.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. This is so cool. I love the Youtube videos that are helping other helping or educating or informing, etc. Everyone now a days turns to Youtube for how to do something! Awesome job Sir ! I will be watching !!!

  2. We don't hunt ourselves but everyone around here does and my son loves to hunt you are going to love having another deer blind smart move 🙂 – Ruthie

  3. That’s gonna be a nice blind, looking forward to the finished product. Also looking forward to seeing it in the field.
    Hope you have some luck hunting from it. Nice shop BTW. Don

  4. I saw what you did there "to avoid cracks" lol . Sorry to hear about the lost video footage. Nice set-up with the infrared heating system for the shop! The blind is looking great!! 👍

  5. Only horizontal windows? What about adding a vertical for bow hunting? Could add above the horizontal since it looks like you have set the horizontal window height for sitting gun position. Inside or outside mounted windows? Prefabricated or custom windows? I have been very happy with DeerView Window, Looks like it is going to be a great blind.

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