Build a Floating Dock DIY- How to build with barrels

Did you build one? Linked in the next line is how I attached it to land so you don’t have to swim out!

What you will need
11 pieces of 2×8 at 10 feet long
22 pieces of 1×6 decking at 10 feet long
2 1/2 inch decking screws
4 Barrels (45-55 gallons) i found mine on KIJIJI for 24$ each
Measuring tape
Mitre or Circular Saw
100 Feet of Dock Rope.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. If you are concerned about moving the weight of the completed dock, I would have completed the build and then removed half or two-thirds of the decking, leaving enough to keep it square, drag it into the water and then reinstall the decking.

  2. Great pier! It can be used as a raft for a mini dredger to clean the lake from mud. To do this, you need a motor pump for dirty water and a suction nozzle Bagermaster

  3. Hi! This video is great, thank you!

    I am looking to build a tiny dock just to put 2 chairs on to fish off. Could I get away with 4 barrels (2 on each side touching circle parts) or do you think I need a different floatation device? Also would it be compromised if I added rails?

  4. Nice DIY video , just a quick question. What the volume / capacity of the barrel used ?

    Maybe it’s mentions in one of the comments too, sorry didn’t scroll through all the comments

  5. DC Woodworks – Is the dock difficult to remove from the water when storing for winter? I'm planning to make my own in a couple of months. Our house is on the Cuyahoga River and I'm excited to see how this works! Already have 6 barrels…now just need the wood!

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