Build a Wooden Boat – Pangas

Build a Panga, a great performer for ocean based use. has several types and a number of sizes.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Stop reading the negative comments unless there is a hint of constructive criticism sir. You are doing a great job, and you help many other come to the love boating and boat building. Let the people with their negative opinions of your product blow hot air out of their waste hole on their face, and you just keep helping others. Your designs are great sir!

  2. Do you have any narrow beam planing plans which would be good for antique inboards like an atomic four or an agricultural diesel?
    500lb powertrains with 15-25hp but 40-60lb of torque?

    I would certainly take the heartache of an antique motor to have that low RPM sound.

  3. I have seen a lot of the World Bank type of design in fiberglass and have used quite a few of them around coastlines and estuaries of Southeast Asia. In my experience, I have never heard them referred to as”pangas”, but rather as “Yamaha boats”. Almost all that I have seen or used have been about that 21 foot size and overwhelmingly they have been powered by one (or a pair) of 40 horsepower Yamaha Enduro two-stroke, long shaft outboard motors. Those motors are ubiquitous in the regions where I work and through sheer practicality I have used them on our small workboats including the Puchie Special drop-bow garvey-dory that we hope to launch in Bali within a few weeks.

  4. What is the draft with a 70hp 4stroke on the 18'
    What is the draft with a 40hp 4stroke on the 16'
    Trying to decide between the two as I need to fish close to shore and out in the Gulf.

  5. Hello , Mr. Spira. Well just download the KAyak plans as my first build hoping to start the big one in october. Here we have a big estuary between Argentina and Uruguay , Rio de la Plata and sometimes it gets choppy about 3 or 4ft we like to fish in an area about 20 miles offshore . As my first build I liked the Carolinian as I found her pretty easy ( let's say that ) to build , but really I will need some V-bottom to sail those waves. In the 17ft lenght . Spira International has the Kachemak V-Bottom Dory and the Veracruz Panga.
    Just two questions : Do you think the Panga will perform better with less power due it seems to be 340 lbs lighter ( will use a Yamaha 60hp 2 stroke ) and can the Veracruz be shortened just one feet ( so I can build her in my garage ) maintaining the width?
    Thanks again Master ! You are an inspiration for everyone who likes to build and enjoy his own boat.

  6. Sir: pulled a hitch on Okinawa in ‘73 (actually built my first plywood boat there, a skiff, I guess, a Rabl book from library, AF Spl Serv woodworking shop (every tool I’d ever seen, ALWAYS an expert there doing something), finished but never painted or launched, a guy gimme $25 for it – a fortune to a young E-3) saw round-bowed open outboards much like your clip of a f-glass Panga. Thought they were ugly then, still do. But yours, I like yours


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