Build Your Deer Hunting Box Blind – The Right Size!

I share with you the pros and cons of the different sizes of deer hunting box blinds, based on my experiences both from having built many of them and also from having hunted in many of them – so that you can build your hunting blind the size that best fits your needs.

In case you were wondering, the hunting blind in the background of this video was recently relocated to the farm property that I purchased. I sold the other property but kept two of my hunting box blinds that were on it.

Octagon Box Blind Tour:
Octagon Blind Build – Part 1:
Octagon Bling Build – Part 2:
6 x 8 Hunting Blind – Full Tour:

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  1. The major thing for me is I built a 4×7 which I thought would be very roomy. But when we switched from gun to crossbows, the blind was too small and the windows were all wrong. My partner actually smashed one of the windows with his crossbow lim. I am now building a 8×8. Conclusion for me is go big. Better too big then too small. Cheers. Good video.

  2. Very informative video. Also, I love your attitude… Hey, if you don’t like this type of hunting or you don’t like this concept, go find another channel to watch. Love it! You have freedom of choice and options… leave

  3. Lol try not to focus on the negatives too much buddy, I’m sure people will just take the good advice and move forward. Anyone who has crap to say isn’t worth mentioning.

  4. Love the video and the disclaimer is ok but way too long. Don’t be sorry because the folks that whine can never be pleased. I’m a public land saddle hunter but warm box blind is nice every now and then. It’s not as up close and personal as hunting from a tree but it’s nice if a person has property. Lastly, I don’t use the word “harvest”. Deer aren’t carrots. Good luck hunting.

  5. I built a 4×4 several years ago along with building a platform to set it on. The platform is 4, 8 foot 4×4 pressure treated post that just sit on the ground. Bring a pointed shovel and a level so the platform can be level and the posts plum. I prefabricated the box in my garage so everything fit before bringing it to my location. Having a UTV is also a huge help getting it all up the hill and into the woods. Helps to have extra 2×4’s to brace it to nearby trees. The biggest issues I’ve had are squirrels/mice, nawing through the plywood and nesting when I’m not hunting out of it. That said I’ve had to use decent metal screen to secure around the bottom edges. It’s a constant battle for ownership of my blind!!!
    Using 2×4’s in the corners is a waste of material and causes blind spots, firing strips make more sense, after all it’s basically a temporary shelter. Careful when cutting windows. You don’t need views of tree tops and sky, I’ve yet to see a deer fly? My best advice is to build it as simple as possible with the least amount of material I will say it’s a lot easier being comfortable and dry in the New York winter weather we usually hunt in. Good luck and shoot straight!!

  6. We hunted all pines on leased paper company back in TN. No hardwoods except for a couple of patches. Building shooting houses and food plots were the only way to hunt this kind of property. If we didn't use this method, we wouldn't have taken any deer.

  7. Great videos, I have been freezing my hind end off in a hub style ground blind this gun season here in Wisconsin day dreaming about an enclosed blind so searching the web I found your channel, I am going to try to tackle building a couple next spring/summer. Thanks for the informative channel

  8. I have a question, when you say these dimensions do you mean outside or inside? I have an ameristep ground blind and inside dimensions are 5’x5’ and plenty room for 2 people. I was just curious

  9. I've sat in so many treestands for so many years through bitterly cold Kansas archery/rifle seasons that I believe I've earned the right to hunt from a warm box blind lol. I plan on building mine large enough to overnight on a cot as well, so a 6×8 blind is what I'm building. Great video with some good insight.

  10. You build some great blinds. I have used your videos to build some for other people that can't do builds. I used one video for a guy in a wheelchair with a 2500 pd winch and he loves it. I did his for free just so I could see his face.

  11. You build some great blinds. I have used your videos to build some for other people that can't do builds. I used one video for a guy in a wheelchair with a 2500 pd winch and he loves it. I did his for free just so I could see his face.

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