Part of every off season is new duck blinds! Work Weekend 2020 was a massive success with the construction of 2 new blinds in beautiful locations on the Habitat Flats farms. From work at The Grand to the Home Lodge, #TeamHF came together from across the country to strengthen the #HFArsenal. Come duck season, there’s no such thing as too many options. The ’20-21 #GloryDays START NOW.

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  1. Great Work Guys! Really enjoyed hunting with you last year and am excited to come back twice this year! That being said I would recommend moving to nails instead of screws. Screws, especially deck screws, have horrible shear strength. This makes them a poor choice for load bearing members such as joists and walls. With the invention of battery operated nail guns, there's no reason to not use hot dip galvanized nails for all your blind construction. Hope you haven't had any issues with the screws yet, and will continue not to, Just a thought from a construction worker who wants your hard work to last.

  2. Great job guys. One of these day I will get up there. I think that would be a lot of fun even if I never got to pull the trigger I would just be happy to sit back and watch. Keep up the great work.

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