Building a 6×8 Hunting Box Blind Part 1

So we decided to finally build us a box blind so the kids can go hunting and be able to get comfortable and warm. This blind is 6ft wide x 8ft long and 7ft tall at the front. Total cost in this blind is around $500. We used OSB panels for the walls and split 2×4’s in half to save money for the wall frames. It took me off and on about 2 weeks to complete the build. There is 2 parts to the build because I didn’t want to upload a 40 min video lol. Make sure you watch Part 2 of the raising of the platform and assembly of the blind. I’ll attach the link at the end of this video.
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  1. To make your life easier when cutting doors and windows out, make the hinge side cut FIRST; then attach your hinges before cutting out the other three sides.

    With the hinges already attached all you need to do is swing your window panel open.

    Perfect alignment every time and you won't get your windows and panels mismatched.

  2. Hey Popo, my name is Dan and about March of this year I began to build a 6×8 stand following your plan. I can honestly tell you it was one journey given the sky rocketing prices of lumber. I built and assembled it in my backyard 180 miles from where it was finally erected. I dont mind telling you that more than once I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. I only had basic tools: table saw, skil saw, jig saw and assorted hand tools. I am so glad that I chose your plan, followed your advice and learned from you the mistakes not to make. If could figure out how I would send you some pictures. This stand ensures that I have a solid and comfortable platform to hunt from well into my older age. Thank you so much. Dan

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