Building a dog ramp with a back story.

Our dogs need an easier way to get in and out of our vehicles for vet visits. They also need a little help with the couple of stairs at our house . So I decided to build a dog ramp . I also figured I should share a little back story on what happened to the puppy .

Just a quick PSA Bandit the pup is doing awesome and has had a full recovery!

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  1. I like the width of your ramp….
    I have a 12yr old 80lb yellow lab who goes everywhere with me. Jumping down out of my jeep is becoming quite the challenge. The impact from the landing flares up her arthritis to the point where i have to lift her back in (which she hates). Been looking into making a ramp. I would like to make one that folds up & is "compact" (protable).

    *my question is what do you think about using hinges instead of screwing the 2 boards together?

  2. going to make a ramp, as there are none on the market to do the job, a friend of mine, her dog had to have the rear left leg off, now her car, the rear passenger door, does not open all the way, so the ramp has to be made at a angle, to fit in so said dog can run up ramp, into car, this is going to be fun,

  3. Timing is Everything!

    I was supposed to have built our dog ramp by now, but I’ve been so busy. The wife asked about it again yesterday, and I opened up YouTube this morning and see this video. Your ramp is what I envisioned, was thinking of carpeting it too. The steps are slightly taller than our dog, so she has to work for it to get up and down, just on her way down, she almost flips over.
    She’s a teacup Pomeranian70/30Yorkie mix, and weighs in soaking wet at about 5#-5.5#’s, and she nearing 9yrs old.
    She Lolly gags around in our daily/multiple walks around the yard, and gets cold feet before #2, and with these temps, I’ll put her in my coat to warm her up, then she’ll hurry bcuz she’s now ready. Or I just carry her in my coat all the way out to “💩 alley”.
    I also shovel trails all over the yard for her, bcuz she needs her walks!
    Sorry so long of a comment, got on a roll 😊

  4. Awesome ramp bro, Im sure it'll really help him get up n down a hell of a lot easier n he will also heal better as a result. Great job Kyle Im sure he will make a full recovery dude, Thanks for sharing bud

  5. I fully understand and am sending prayers for both of your fur babies. Our furbaby made it 20 years before passing and we had to make a number of accommodations for him. We will go to many lengths for our critters. They are family.

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