Building A Duck Blind | Part 1

With duck and goose season fast approaching we finally got around to putting in a permanent blind on one of the ponds we hope to hunt this fall. The reason for us building this blind was the thickness of the cover around the pond, which made it tough to hide a group of guys, as well as the potential for duck management that the pond has. What we were doing in this part of the build was just driving our 4×4 posts, which anchor the blind together, and then framing up support for our plywood floor using 2x4s. Due to some technical difficulties we didn’t get everything done but we have a good start and probably have got the hardest part out of the way. Hope y’all enjoy!

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  1. Getting it square can sometimes be a little frastrated. I would cut first the plywood for the 4×4's to fit to the plywood. Then use that as a guide to drive your 4×4's. To get it exactly square. You will need at least three men to hold your 4×4 post. Take your measurements with a tape measure. Put your tape on the outside of 4×4' s. Then from there go and measure across the other and read your measurement on the outside of the other corner post. Then you do the two other 4×4's the same way. Now each measurement should come out the same. If your a 1/4" are 3/8" off I wouldn't worry about it . Just remember to measure in a crisscross. Which is an X formation from one post to the other.. good luck hunting and maybe building another blind. If this is on public land. I would suggest not driving your 4×4's in the ground. Just start about six inches from the bottom of each 4×4's. Then after finishing your blind. Seal it with a good caulking that dries hard and stays waterproof. That way you can float your blind to where the birds are flying.

  2. Not sure if I missed it, but is this 3'x8' for two or three people? Looking to build one for three people with a little more space.. was thinking 5'x10'? Any recommendations?

  3. Cool build. Bad location. The mud will settle and the posts will sink over time and make the floor uneven and eventually break, maybe sooner than later. Suggestion: pull the post out of the ground, chop off the 36ins that were in the ground. Set the bottom floor frame directly on the ground and use some sort of water treatment or water seal. That way the whole build is solid on the ground and has no where to fall to. And it will distribute the weight on so it dosnt sink when the bank gets soggy and wet. Trust me, as soon as you add weight the posts will sink and ruin all your hard work

  4. Man 8×3 is pretty tight. We were going to make one 8×4 that way we could use a single sheet of plywood for the floor but even that was too skinny so we went 8×6 and it’s perfect

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