Building A Duck Blind | Part 2

We got back out to our new duck hunting spot this weekend to get some more work done on the duck blind build that we started in August. We had an extremely productive day, getting the walls and roof up as well as brushing in the majority of the blind. We’re excited about how it had turned out thus far and look forward to hopefully shooting some ducks out of this blind very soon!

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  1. Haha the shelf part had me rolling. I have a terrible case of OCD so every time I build a duckblind in constantly trying to get everything symmetrical and perfect but it just never seems to work. Nice blind though looks like a decent place to hunt.

  2. Build a lot of blinds. Just some tips inside some black paint to cut out your outline. Gun notches are great for cold days when floor gets slippery. Next time lean it back a bit and add a bench, the lean makes it more comfortable to relax and still see ducks come in

  3. Good look blind, Thomas. The brush-in made the "hide".Take some mud from the bank out front and smear it on your blind floor. (Perfect match for blind floor and outside bank mud) I would paint the inside walls a flat black.
    Remember Camo produces a lack of contrass where by nothing sticks-out. When picking my camo I Always go with the darker colors. Lighter colors Always stuck out more than the darker ones.
    Great job, Good luck in the up coming season.

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