building a kayak blind ((time lapse) starts at 4:34)

so a few disclaimers first i am new to shooting video and editing so i did lose some footage in the middle of grassing the blind. also i know the audio sucks during the conclusion but at this point there’s not much i could do other than re shoot the scene and that didn’t seem genuine to me. all in all from start to finish it took me two weeks most nights and weekends when ever i could get an hour or more to work on it. my Goal is to bring you new content each week. Please subscribe and smash that like button.
materials list is approximate
60′ of 1/2″pvc thin wall
2′ of 1″ pvc thin wall
2: 1″ to 1/2″ bushing adapter
9: 1/2″ tee’s
3: 1/2″ side out tee’s (corner tee)
9: 1/2″ 90 elbows
small can of pvc primer
small can of pvc glue
2: 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ carrige bolts
2: 1/4″ flat washers
2: 1/4″ lock washers
2: 1/4″ nuts
2: cans of spray paint
1 piece of 80 grit sand paper
30′ x4′ plastic poultry fencing (you may have to buy a longer roll but this project will use about 30 feet)

a heat source for molding pvc (several ways to do this i used a propane torch)
100 pack of green zip ties
7 lbs of raffi grass

music courtesy of
The Premier
United States Marine Band and Arthur S.Witco

Lucky Rubber Ducky
Quincas Moreira

Cat Circus
Doug Maxwell

Bright Skies
Audio Hertz

If I Had a Chicken
Kevin MacLeod

Digital Memories
Unicorn Heads

Land of My Fathers
The 126ers

Nutty Comedy
Biz Baz Studio

Yellow Jello
Audio Hertz

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