Building a strong Ladder for a deer stand | Box blind

This is a fast easy build. It is a 12 foot ladder for a box blind, deer stand, or any need of a cheap ladder. It is made from 2-2x4x12 and 2-2x4x8 treated lumber. The ladder rungs were cut to 21 1/4 in length and we used 8 steps spaced at 18 inches apart. If you want to see how strong this ladder is go to my channel and watch (building a box blind part 2) we had to use this ladder to assist in raising the deer blind platform! Thanks for watching.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Personally, … I would have only inletted 3/4" instead of 1-1/2" and allowed the wrungs to stand 3/4" proud; then beveled the ends of each.

    1-1/2" x 2' isn't enough !

    Basically you're utilizing two 2×2's ….
    ….. 2×6' would have been better !

  2. 0330 and I just subscribed to your channel.. Think I'm gonna try to build a stand like you did I want a larger blind to be comfortable in.. Thanks

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