Building a Tower Hunting Blind, Part 1

I built an elevated shelter/hunting blind in the back of our property. Part 2 of the build is here: … Plans for the blind are at … My backwoods shelter build is here:

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  1. Very smart way to cable a deer stand to the ground. Dad did his like you do yours and it's the only one still standing after Hurricane Ida 2021 on our hunting property stood up to150 miles an hour winds. You two are smart guys!

  2. I’m impressed by your tenacity. I’m also impressed by the location you chose. I’m even impressed by your thinking outside the box and using double 2×4 legs at each corner instead of 4×4’s. Placing them on flat rocks was also smart to prevent the legs from sinking. Overall, great job! I was ready to buy you a battery powered saw. I commented yesterday on someone else’s video the same comment that I’ll give you. Your windows are too big! It took me several hunting seasons in my elevated blind to realize that. I had to understand that I no longer use a vertical compound bow so I remodeled and now my windows are only 8 inches tall and about 40 inches wide. I use a crossbow and a gun only now. The deer will learn to look up to your blind and you will be silhouetted. I also have “curtains” made out of old hunting clothes to cover any area that I can. It helps a lot. I also put in a carpet pad to deaden sound on the floor from foot scuffling and movement because without the pad, the floor is just a big drum! Happy hunting

  3. Well done Spencer. Putting your carpenter skills to work for a fun project is time well spent. You're so blessed to live out in the country. That's how I grew up. Melissa was a big help and obviously you are still her Romeo.

  4. I was scrolling through and u pop up building a blind, and I said that bugger is doing everything, if u would have had the Milwaukee battery nailer it probably would have took u half the time, but this was before they had it, great idea for the leg post's.

  5. Great job.  Quality work.  Have to admit though when I saw you pull out that old hand saw I was like, "whaaat, generator dude, generator." Bit of an overkill on the windows but hey it's your hunting blind, right?  lol.   Thanks for sharing.  Gives me lots of ideas.

  6. This gives me an idea. you got black bears there? I wonder if with just the deck, bracing and tie downs if an adult black bear could climb that @3:00. In my case, I think if four corners were 4×4 steel w no bracing a bear would not be able to climb. Then I maybe add a drop down ladder with 4 really wide steps. bears can't jump and have short legs and a short vertical reach. I hate ladders and heights as well.. but not as much as fear hungry bears.

  7. I am surprised too see this guy using a handsaw instead of a power ripsaw and as he different new what he was doing he should of made it less noisier get out the creeking less noisier great Job👍

  8. You can buy 10 sheets of 4x8x1.5” Thermax insulation, insulate the roof, walls and the floor, put poxi glass on windows, small propane heater that doesn’t produce CO and stay there all winter.

  9. Great video! The property owner and I plan to build a couple of these in the spring. Although watching your elbow get a workout, were definitely taking generator/compressor & nail guns with us. LoL
    Thanks for posting. 👍👍👍

  10. hmm 4 6×6 posts would have saved you some major time. dig 4 holes set posts. Square up top with 2×6's at desired height. Chainsaw off unwanted 6×6 tops. Build box. Next buy battery saw with money saved to build framing.

  11. Just want to thank you for making this video. I followed your build step by step and just took my first buck from it. This is a great video. I appreciate you sharing your ideas like this.

  12. Great build. I like that you braced it for wind, though I think some $ would have been saved by using long 2 x 4s instead of the cable.
    Did you use any pressure treated lumber? How long did it take to build? I'd be adding shelves and have a Sterno stove to make coffee, etc. Maybe a cat heater too. I don't know what climate you're in. One must be comfortable after all.
    Best wishes on hunting success too!

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