Building Big Deer Blind For Under $500!!!!!

In this video I show you how I build a shooting house!

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Hoyt Defiant
Grunt Call
Tree Stand
Range Finder
Back pack
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Tree steps

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  1. I've been wanting to build a simple shoot house like this, and have been sketching out a much more labor/material intensive design. Glad I saw this video before I got to the actual build phase. Much more simplistic and ideal for what I want. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Go refigure the price now!!!! It’s more than double what you paid now!!! Lumber prices are disgusting and don’t know how ANYONE can afford to build 💩 these days!!🤬🤬🤬

  3. Hunting blinds are for people who have no hunting skills in my opinion. I dont see how sitting around scratching your nuts waiting for game to come to you is hunting. Come to New Mexico and try real hunting skills.

  4. Here's a very unique idea. I'm sure no one has ever heard of it before.
    Get out of the stands and actually go hunting. Go out and learn to stalk your quarry, and try to get close to take that shot. Stop being fat dumb and lazy and actually get out there and "LEARN" to hunt your prey instead of sitting in a heated hotel room in the middle of the woods with a WAY overpowered rifle trying to hit Deer 5 times further away than you've ever practiced. That's not hunting. Get out and become ONE with nature and hunting. It's so much more rewarding.

  5. I built one similar to this in July. The negative with using metal is the amount of noise it makes if you hit while in the stand. I found some old foam mating used for kids play areas. The kind that pieces together like a puzzle and used it for the flooring. I also used a 2×6 for the window openings, 2 benefits from that. First, shooting rail covering the metal. Second, keeps water from running down the inside. Then I used roof flashing as a drip rail on each window. I placed it between the wood and metal siding. I hope this helps and good luck

  6. No further instructions needed for me. You pretty much explained everything someone would need to know on how to build this. The only thing people may ask is about the actual dimensions you cut everything too. But like you said that if you have any idea on how to build something then just go ahead and make it any size you want it. I like that it is high enough for you to stand in and not hit your head or bow while drawing it back. Next thing you need in it is a wood stove to keep the little ones warm so that they don't move around trying to stay warm…lol Really love that you want to include your children in joining you and Anna with all your adventures. Would you happen to know approx. just how much it weighs??? Will be looking forward on the base build and really excited on the seeing the video on putting it in place on the farm. Just remember to keep the language PG 13….lol. Good luck on this upcoming season and will be patiently awaiting on seeing some of your successes. Tom in Nova Scotia Canada. Oh yeah I guess I am first tonight 🙂 🙂 .

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