Building My Dream Duck Hunting Blind in a TIMBER HOLE! Snake Swamp Series Part 3

Building My Dream Duck Hunting Blind! Snake Swamp Part 3

On this video, I head back into the snake swamp! We work unbelievably hard to get all the supplies into the swamp and get the blind up and ready to get the ducks! Building this duck hunting blind was a huge project and I’m and so excited to duck hunt out of it come this fall!

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  1. My dog has basically a dog house attached to the side the blind with a ramp and entrance in front and an entrance into the shoot house on the side that attaches to the blind. He He brings the birds to me through the side entrance. That way he is covered and he isn't shakin all over everything. I can send you pics. Badass blind build brother, dedicated… Hope yall stack bodies out of it this year. Open invitation to my private honey holes in Mo anytime… I have dog launches on either side if the shoot house, so we can run multiple retrievers…

  2. The effort you put into this is remarkable, one tip, I would of used treated decking for the the base of the blind, leave a 1/8” gap between each board allow the water to drain through. Floor would not need as many stringers and it would not be bouncy.

  3. Hi Jordan. Love your videos and content. Subscriber for 4 years. I’m a NY/VT border lifetime waterfowler. That’s a dream woodie hole. Thanks for the vid. Wood must have been $$$

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