Building My DREAM DUCK hunting Boat on a BUDGET!

Building My DREAM DUCK hunting Boat on a BUDGET!

Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting Dreamboat! On today’s video, I show you guys my progress step by step of the building by dream hunting boat, and let me tell you I’m super pumped with how it’s turned out!

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  1. Need a Jack plate for the motor. That boat will serve its purpose just fine and I painted one of my old boats with that same kind of paint and it lasted for the year I had it until I sold it. Make sure u put some stabilizer holes on the front snd the back. That way u can push poles into the mud snd it will hold u guys in place in deeper water if need be.

  2. My plan for bushing the blind.
    1 green snow fencing
    2 raffia grass the snow fence to the lengths needed.
    3 make multiples “panels” for different environments (exp. a more green brown for next to bog, a sandy/tan/straw for the rice, and a snowy one for late season)
    4 weave a pipe through the top of the “mat/panel for easy on off and switching

  3. re: the 'jumper' you showed early in the video, if that's a Schumacher, be warned. I bought one used it twice over the course of two years…only charging a phone on camping trips…and it died. Complete trash.

  4. Sawzall would had worked nice . I have the Long Tail have thought about getting a Surface Drive and it runs nice . I like your blind setup I use Pond Frons they came be a problem cutting sometimes and they don`t last but a few days . Nice setup like it .

  5. i would keep an eye on your transom for fatigue cracks. the mud motor has much more weight and torque than an outboard and your boat was not designed for it. u might want to reinforce the transom somehow.

  6. One big reason I follow you is because I have a ton of respect for guys that aren't showing off how how much they have but instead you show off your creativity just like me and my buddies. Thank you hope to meet you one Day

  7. Looking good man! DEFINITELY something id love to have!! Hoping to get me a budget blind within a year or so. Yak ans buddies boats for now!! Good Luck this season man! HAMMER DOWN!!!!

  8. If I ran one of those twin like that I'd have a spare carb with the tubes and all on board. I've seen guys lose it on the ramp after driving many miles and their rig won't run. If they'd had the tools and a carb ready it's a half hour job.

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