Building the Duckpunt – 3 weeks in 6 minutes

Time lapsed photo’s of my duck punt sailboat construction. I used different views and stills to give a complete picture of the build. The video is a bit long, but gets better as the boat is nearing completion. My blog offers more details about sailing the duck punt and offers more photo’s during construction. The design is a West Mersey Duck Punt, modified with design ideas provided by Flo-Mo.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Thanks this helped me understand how to build the stern end in the Milgate design.  Still a little confused on the bow.  At 0:54 i get it.  But at 0:58 there is a more defined edge on the bow.  Is that just epoxy filler or another piece of wood you added?  BTW,  I like that you used the butt joint instead of the scarf, was thinking on doing the same.  Another mod I was thinking on was doing with with an external chine log for screw and glue construction.

  2. Current design is all about shallow water sailing. No centerboard, use oar for steering. Duck hunting, no interest, but original Duckpunt designs were all about transporting big shot guns for maximum carnage to the ducks. I believe the big guns where outlawed in most states by 1890.

  3. The sides are really straight up and down. I mean, the sides don't have much "flair", angled out to the sides. Does that make them absorb more energy from waves rather than deflect it?

    Great video and nice boat!!

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