Building the Ultimate Legacy Duck Blind

This video documents the journey of building the ultimate, legacy duck blind. Set on the edge of a marsh between a small lake and a wood duck roost, it was built to withstand the test of time and to provide hunting opportunities for generations into the future. A few very unique building techniques are employed, as this isn’t just your average duck blind built to simply make it thru the next duck season. Enjoy the journey………..

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Beautiful blind. Having built 100’s of blinds, the only problem I see is you have limited yourself to one or two wind directions.
    You guys need a small surface drive motor.

  2. My Dad was a charter member of Ducks Unlimited. He did a lot of duck hunting back in the 50s. I’ve got his Browning Sweet Sixteen. Awesome bird gun. Grew up in Michigan but haven’t lived there since 1988. Hunted and fished all over the state. Enjoy your videos.

  3. Very cool build, thanks for sharing. Can you link to where you got the floor-mount gun boots? I've done a little sleuthing and can't seem to find a similar thing. Thanks!

  4. Nice blind! How did you set the post in the mud? Did you have to vibrate them or did gravity take them on down. Also was there any settling in the post after the fact?

  5. I often talk to my coworkers about being part of watching a sunrise unfold. Many of them have never witnessed first hand the beauty of a sunrise in the wild. The fall smell ar duck season, the slight fog lifting off of the water on a cool fall morning, the dew that formed overnight inside the duck blind that coats everything, the sky as the sun starts to brighten, the sound of wings and the very faint whistles as the first pair of ducks fly low overhead, which starts the adrenaline pumping …..
    So many people never had the opportunity to behold something do simple yet so powerful.
    Beautiful narration, video, & the love of waterfowling. God bless!

  6. Wow . Thank you for a beautiful video . You certainly don't do anything part way . First a beautiful cabin and now a beautiful duck blind . I went duck hunting once and it wasn't my thing . Just too much work . LOL . I'm more of a deer hunter . Very lucky to have a great friend like Craig . Same goes for your wonderful family . You are a man with many talents and that includes your friend Craig . Love your videos .

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