Camoing up a deer box blind

Well fall is almost here and it’s work day at the lower Delaware club. Sintax77 and I head down to camo up two new box type blinds that where built this past summer. They are not the easy to hide in the woods, they are about 4×5 feet, and about 8 foot off they ground. We used the thin camp wrap on the 4 posts which may a big difference hiding them. Then some paint on the sides and ladder, the finial step was to add some Christmas garland that I picked up at the local Thrift Store. It really helps to add a 3rd dimension element to help hide the box stand. Is it perfect, no, but did go a long way in helping it blend in.

What do you think?

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  1. Looks good. There is another video on YouTube that a guy used free artificial Christmas trees all over his blind. It completely blends in. Looks amazing. It would work great on your blinds also.

  2. Thanks for sharing your videos with all of us. I look forward to your videos. Just curious if you are planning on doing a video on your taxidermy buck mount from last years trophy? Love to see it all done.

  3. Looks Good! It's also a good idea painting the blinds well before the start of hunting season. I've seen some people paint blinds a few days before hunting and the deer will smell it.

  4. the weather is changing, the hunting itch is real… that means White Rook and the guys will be posting their annual PA cabin videos. The best day of the year is when that video is posted. Best of luck this season and be safe and shoot straight.

  5. Well hell….And here I was thinking my friends Josh and Nathan were the only ones who added heavily discounted garland to their nicely camo painted stands…..I must admit that I thought they might have a couple of screws loose when they told me about adding the garland the last four seasons, because not only had I never thought about it but I never seen or otherwise heard of it being done….Now I have, thanks to this video, and I'm impressed. Keep the great videos coming!

  6. Love the Christmas touch,up in the attic, got some real fake spruce Garland. Funny thing watching this one again, and dad ,I, and my brother just got back from our camp. Started to rebuild my blind overlooking the hollow. Got an old tonneau cover for a roof and black vinyl walls. More camo, paint and Garland, awesome. Once again love your guys videos, best of luck from Nova Scotia. It was warm today, 28 Celsius, and them damn deer flies.🎄

  7. Very nice camo job and your new logo. That box blind looks really comfortable to hunt out of. Love the added garland for camo . Good Luck and have a Safe Hunting Season. Keep on keeping on and Best of luck always and thanks for sharing your videos.

  8. Nice work guys! The camo really makes a difference in the before and after pictures! I like to add a few large branches zip tied to the legs that run up to the plywood to add some 3D and to help break up the shape.

  9. Nicely done with the blinds. I usually can't wait to get out in the woods. When the season is open I get out. However, I will be battling the heat and bugs while you are enjoying a cold Dogfish Head IPA on the deck.

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